Cheetos Mozzarella Sticks!

Check out my latest video where I try to make Cheetos Mozarella Sticks a.k.a The Most Delicios Way To Die!

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Coming Out Story

It's been 5 years since I came out and wrote about it here. Therefore, it must be commemorated with a video XD

Vlog: Office Party!

Why Everyone Hates The iPhone Typo Keyboard

I've used several Android devices even since the reign of smartphones. Heck, I even have a Nexus 5 right now as my back up phone. Wonderful as Android may be, iPhones have a place in my heart. I had the 3GS and 4 before.

Now, I have the iPhone 5S.

The thing is, because I've used Android devices which tend to be on the big side, using the iPhone's keyboard is a bitch. Yeah, you heard me. That thing is a bitch to type on.

A company named Typo released a keyboard case for the iPhone 5/5S and unlike other keyboard cases, this is a vertical case. The design resembles the Blackberry keyboard a lot. No wonder Blackberry sued Typo.

Now the keyboard has been reviewed by a lot of people and there's a lot of hate surrounding the keyboard. As someone who uses the keyboard, I think I have an idea why people give this keyboard a bad rep.

You see the thing is, yes it resembles the keyboard of a Blackberry. But I think people have forgotten that as much as it resembles the Blackberry keyboard, the Typo keyboard is no Blackberry.

The only thing it got from Blackberry is the design. That's all. If you take the thing apart, you'll notice that the keyboard itself is only a few cm thin and locked to the case. No special mechanisms whatsoever.

Do not expect the Blackberry experience on this keyboard. You will not get it. You will not get the same clicky responsive keys. You will not get the premium build of Blackberry keys.

What you're getting is no different from those generic slide-up bluetooth keyboards from Amazon. Except this one has the keyboard at the bottom and the keys look pretty.

Personally, I love this case. My only complaint is that there are some keys that need to be pressed harder than others. The keys are also spaced a bit too close to one another for my liking. Because of that, there are instances when I press the wrong key.

I also like that it gives the iPhone some heft. It feels good in the hand because I find the iPhone 5S to be very light.

I might end up buying a new phone soon. Im choosing between an iPhone 6 or one of those Samsung Galaxy phones. I'll figure it out soon.

So to everyone who aren't sure whether they should get this keyboard, I would like to say don't knock it until you've tried it. Know what you're getting yourself into.

Besides, if you really want the Blackberry keyboard experience... buy a Blackberry. They could use some sales haha.

The Battlefield That Is Youtube

As some of you may or may not know, I started vlogging on my Youtube channel.

Before that, my channel was mostly a wasteland of all my videos. I've been planning for quite some time now, the whole vlogging thing.

I found the courage to do it so I shot and uploaded my first video.

There are several Youtubers I follow religiously. There's Caspar Lee, Thatcher Joe, Miles Jai, Connor Franta, Tyler Oakley, Marcus Butler, Diary of Jake, PatrickStar, Jacksgap, and more.

Before I even shot my first video, I watched the videos of my favorite Youtubers. I studied their formula. The way they edited their videos, the type of background music, the type of content. I paid close attention to every single detail as much as I could. When I started vlogging, I tried my best to follow whatever formula they were using for their Youtube videos and I tried to apply it to mine.

After that, I realised the whole Youtube thing was more complicated than it seemed. It wasn't as easy as uploading a video and calling it a day.

I wasn't getting any views (I still barely get any views). It was then I figured out that I had to make a conscious effort and use every single social media tool I had at my disposal.

I became more active on Twitter and Instagram. I even signed up for Tumblr (which I am still trying to understand btw). I started following people and most of them followed me back. It's not easy, to be perfectly honest but I keep telling myself that the Youtubers I admire all had to start somewhere. I'm sure they felt the same way I feel now.

It's not easy, I tell ya. I have to message every single new follower and introduce myself and give them a link to my channel. Some respond well, some don't and some just ignore me. It's an uphill slope, but I won't lose hope. Ha!

Right now I'm not getting the many views. Probably because I only have 5 videos at the moment :D

But eventually I'll get there.

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My YouTube Channel

So I've decided to fix my YouTube page and post vlogs. I figured it would be easier for me to just take random videos of my daily life and upload them online. It's no different from what I do here in my blog. Just less writing and more candidness (not sure if that's an actual word).

I will post the videos here and of course I'll still blog every now and then. If any of you, my dear readers, are still out there and drop by every now and then, it would be a big help if you can check out my videos.

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I have a bunch of videos coming up where I'm as crazy as I usually am. I also plan to collaborate with a few people so I hope that goes well.

For now, it's late and I need some sleep because I still have work in the morning.

Adam :3

Under Construction

UPDATE (April 15)

Almost done. The little annoying things are almost gone! I would to thank my friend Roger for helping me iron out some of the crap I didn't like.

Check out his portfolio at

He's a programmer of sorts. I'm not sure. He builds websites. That's the best way I can describe it.

So uhhhmmm... if you like the design of my blog and you need help, hire him :D


UPDATE (April 14):

I'm almost done with fixing the blog. It took a lot of effort considering I'm not a master at coding shit. Thank heavens I found the perfect template from GooyabiTemplates and just worked my way from there to make it more 'me'. I'm gonna say I'm 80% done.

What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments section.


Hello my wonderful readers (or the handful that's left of you) *sad face*!

As you can see,  my blog is currently undergoing a few changes. After almost 2 years I decided to update the design. With that comes the hassle of things not working and the whole site looking like shit.

Effort ito! But I am glad that I have a really good friend helping me out with the creatives and all. 

Soon the whole site will be functional but for now, it's under construction.


The Power of Drag Race

Let me take a break from fixing the blog (which still looks like shit tbh) because I have a story to share.

So I am one of the biggest fans of RuPaul's Drag Race. There's just something about the show I find addicting. Now, I don't know if all Drag Race fans in the country knows this but Alyssa Edwards is in Manila and she will be performing in O-Bar for one night. That's tomorrow.

Of course I have to watch. The queen is here! I took a 2-day leave from work to watch her because I need one day to get ready and haul my ass to O-Bar and another day to recover from the night before because any Alyssa fan would know damn well that it'll be a night of tomfoolery.

With me will be Gregory and his bestfriend. Another person who'll watch with us is one of my friends, let's call him Khan.

Khan is one of my closest friends and he's also a Drag Race fan. A few days ago, Khan twisted his ankle so it's swollen and all. I told him that because of his foot, he might not be able to watch the show with us anymore.

He got up and walked that shit off.

That, ladies and gentlemen who like gentlemen, is the power of drag race.

Oh and here's the best part, Khan is straight. He's straight as they come but is a true Drag Race fan. Like seeing a unicorn, it's un-fucking-believable.