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Behind These Walls

It feels like it's been forever since I wrote something here. I post copies of my Youtube videos, yes, but to actually sit down and write something... it feels like a lifetime ago. Because of that, I figured, why not share a story? So here's a conversation between two people.

"Where do I begin?" he asked.

"I don't know. I can't imagine what it must be like to be in your situation," she answered.

He could see the pity in her eyes mixed with uncertainty. She looked at him the way he felt. Powerless.

"I've spent my whole life running away from these people who hurt me. I gone so far that I don't know my way back. How do you start finding the road to recovery? The road to healing? I know it begins with me but I've put up this wall to keep them away and my fear is that if I let them in, they'll just end up hurting me again. I am 50 shades of fucked up because of them."

"You can do it again, Build those walls back up if that happens," she responded.

"If only it were that easy. I've been broken so many times that I wonder how I manage to get out of bed every morning," he answered. He could feel himself welling up with tears. "Do I want to forgive them? Maybe. Am I ready to forgive them? Maybe not. Not yet. How do I forgive them when they're the reason I'm like this. I am fine where I am now, not knowing what's behind the wall."

She looked at him unsure of what to say next.

He took a deep breath.

"I love my mom, you know that. Even though she drives me up against a wall sometimes, I do love her. But sometimes I wonder, does she think of what I feel? Does she know what I have to go through everyday? The struggle I face?" he said.

"At least she accepts you for who you are," she said without a missing a beat.

"That's true and if that is the closest thing to love I'll ever get to experience, I'm fine with it. Beggars can't be choosers right?" he answered.

He hesitated for a moment trying to think of the words eh would say next. He had the thought in his head but could not find the words to express it.

"All I want is for her to realize that there is something inherently wrong with me, that I am not acting out or lashing out, that there is something wrong with me. I want her to realize that without me telling her. I want to tell her what I feel, what I've been feeling all these years. But I am certain that that's a conversation she's not ready to have. Not with me, anyway."

"Maybe someday she will," she said.

"Maybe. But for now, I'll keep the walls where they are. Let them think what they want of me but those walls are there because of them. Those walls are up so I can slowly put back the pieces of me that they broke many years ago."


I'm back with a new vlog. I had no idea there were more than 3 flavors now. Fuck me and the third world country I live in.


What is up my dear readers?! How y'all doing!? I don't know if you guys still visit my blog because I've been more focused on Vlogging.

Anyway, I got a new video and this was a doozy to make. Those Jelly Beans are little turd like pieces from hell.

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Cheetos Mozzarella Sticks!

Check out my latest video where I try to make Cheetos Mozarella Sticks a.k.a The Most Delicios Way To Die!

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Coming Out Story

It's been 5 years since I came out and wrote about it here. Therefore, it must be commemorated with a video XD

Vlog: Office Party!

Why Everyone Hates The iPhone Typo Keyboard

I've used several Android devices even since the reign of smartphones. Heck, I even have a Nexus 5 right now as my back up phone. Wonderful as Android may be, iPhones have a place in my heart. I had the 3GS and 4 before.

Now, I have the iPhone 5S.

The thing is, because I've used Android devices which tend to be on the big side, using the iPhone's keyboard is a bitch. Yeah, you heard me. That thing is a bitch to type on.

A company named Typo released a keyboard case for the iPhone 5/5S and unlike other keyboard cases, this is a vertical case. The design resembles the Blackberry keyboard a lot. No wonder Blackberry sued Typo.

Now the keyboard has been reviewed by a lot of people and there's a lot of hate surrounding the keyboard. As someone who uses the keyboard, I think I have an idea why people give this keyboard a bad rep.

You see the thing is, yes it resembles the keyboard of a Blackberry. But I think people have forgotten that as much as it resembles the Blackberry keyboard, the Typo keyboard is no Blackberry.

The only thing it got from Blackberry is the design. That's all. If you take the thing apart, you'll notice that the keyboard itself is only a few cm thin and locked to the case. No special mechanisms whatsoever.

Do not expect the Blackberry experience on this keyboard. You will not get it. You will not get the same clicky responsive keys. You will not get the premium build of Blackberry keys.

What you're getting is no different from those generic slide-up bluetooth keyboards from Amazon. Except this one has the keyboard at the bottom and the keys look pretty.

Personally, I love this case. My only complaint is that there are some keys that need to be pressed harder than others. The keys are also spaced a bit too close to one another for my liking. Because of that, there are instances when I press the wrong key.

I also like that it gives the iPhone some heft. It feels good in the hand because I find the iPhone 5S to be very light.

I might end up buying a new phone soon. Im choosing between an iPhone 6 or one of those Samsung Galaxy phones. I'll figure it out soon.

So to everyone who aren't sure whether they should get this keyboard, I would like to say don't knock it until you've tried it. Know what you're getting yourself into.

Besides, if you really want the Blackberry keyboard experience... buy a Blackberry. They could use some sales haha.